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Skin Gel Aloe Mist 1 fl oz

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Aloe Life Aloe Mist takes Skin Gel's whole leaf topical application to the next level with even more key nutrients like hylaronic acid, alpha-lipoic acid, and L-Proline (an amino acid) combined with organic, 99% Certified Active Aloe to support skin health. With a convenient spray top, SG Aloe Mist can be used for daily maintenance of healthy skin or for abnormal skin problems including cuts, bruises, bites, rashes, abrasions, or burns. Whole leaf SG Aloe Mist retains key aloe nutrients necessary to support skin health and is significantly more effective than other aloe topical products made only from the inner part of the leaf (which is mostly water). Aloe Life SG Aloe Mist's comprehensive formulation carries other nutrients like Vitamins A, C, E, and herbal extracts deeper into the skin to support and accelerate healing. It is useful as an after-shave. Contains no coloring or dyes.