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Real-Zymes VEGETARIAN 90 Capsules

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Digestive Enzymes Overview

Enzymes are complex proteins that are the biological tools the digestive system uses to break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates from ingested food into smaller molecules your body can use. However, enzymes are specialists and can be categorized into one of four main groups: proteases digest only proteins; lipases digest only fats; amylases, only carbohydrates and sugars; fiber digesting enzymes such as cellulase and pectinase, only fibers.

With each meal, your body senses the amount of protein, fat, and carbs and makes an enzyme blend that is perfect for that meal's digestion. As people age they tend to make fewer enzymes, which slows digestion and causes unpleasant symptoms. Enzyme supplements restore digestive power, but their effectiveness for an individual depends on their formulation.

Made for Vegetarian Meals

Because vegetarian diets usually contain more carbohydrates than other plans, they require more carbohydrate digesting enzymes. Real-Zymes™ VEGETARIAN is the world's first enzyme supplement built to digest vegetarian meals. As such, it puts its enzyme power where you need it most, with various different carbohydrate and fiber digesting enzymes, plus other enzymes for proteins and fat, giving quicker, more complete digestion, better nutrient absorption, and reduced digestive distress. If you eat a vegetarian diet, Real-Zymes™ VEGETARIAN will outperform any other enzyme supplement.

You’ll digest any diet with high carbohydrates better with Real-Zymes™ VEGETARIAN!