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Melatonin 20 mg 180 Veg Caps

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Pure Encapsulations Melatonin is more than just a sleep aid. This 20 mg potency is taken at night for the therapeutic benefits rather than just for sleep support.

Melatonin is primarily associated with supporting the body’s natural sleep cycle, however recent scientific advances suggest that it may play a role in cellular health. More than a dozen preliminary clinical trials have examined the role of melatonin in supporting healthy cells and tissues, promoting immune cell activity, and scavenging free radicals. Randomized studies have revealed the potential for melatonin to positively support colon, breast, prostate and lung tissues.

Melatonin is an extraordinarily effective sleep aid. Your pineal gland produces its own melatonin in response to darkness, which signals for your body temperature to drop and your brain to become drowsy. As people get older, their bodies produce less melatonin, and sleeping becomes lighter and less satisfying. Taking supplemental melatonin gives your body the support it needs to return to youthful, deep sleeping patterns. However, melatonin may have other powerful benefits. It can be a powerful antioxidant that’s able to clear your bloodstream of free radicals, dangerous molecules that your body produces in response to exposure to toxic materials like cigarette smoke or pesticides.

Melatonin may also help regulate your body's rate of creating new blood vessels. Why is this important? The process of internal healing, whether from gastric ulcers or wounds, requires the formation of healthy new blood vessels; unfortunately, if they form in the wrong places, they can have negative health impacts. Your body needs to be able to distinguish between helpful and unhelpful blood vessel formation, and melatonin has a unique quality to guide this internal choice. Each vegetable capsule of Melatonin 20 mg by Pure Encapsulations provides 99.5% percent pure synthetic melatonin. This 180-capsule bottle is a six months' supply, with one capsule taken 30-50 minutes before bedtime.