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Green Earth Fiber Organic

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Green Earth Fiber is a specially designed soluble fiber, tasteless and odorless, that can be easily added to soups, baked goods, salad dressings, smoothies, juices, or just water. This unique fiber has been shown to enhance the absorption of key minerals as well as providing the best benefits of soluble fiber for the innate microbiome and cardiovascular system.

Optimal digestion, absorption and nutritional health must have appropriate populations of beneficial microflora. Prebiotics are functional foods that feed the microbiome, thus improving health through fortifying the indigenous probiotics within the lower intestine and the innate immune system.

The world's finest fiber, Organic Green Earth Fiber promotes intestinal and colon health, improves both conditions of occasional constipation and diarrhea, improves the absorption of essential minerals, helps the body naturally balance blood glucose levels by slowing down the absorption rate of high glycemic foods, promotes regularity, and may reduce odor and bloating.

The proven result is regularity with healthful consistency.

Now made with 100% Organic Ingredients!