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AbsorbAid Platinum 60 Vcaps

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  • Platinum formula has a total of 12 different active enzymes plus 2 vital heat-stable probiotics that complement & help protect the immune system – with this formula there’s nothing you can’t eat
  • The platinum formula is the solution for individuals with a vigorous, active lifestyle, a physically demanding job, individuals who eat more animal proteins and those who are recovering from an illness
  • Its super digestive blend breaks down all food groups and maximizes nutrient absorption from consumed food
  • It also helps alleviate digestive disturbances such as gas, bloating and acid indigestion
  • Active enzymes are necessary for things like tissue repair & metabolism, and they help to protect us by controlling certain responses relating to food allergies, high cholesterol, psoriasis, tumors, and may other problems.

As we age enzyme production drops off rapidly (most commonly starting after age 20) in fact by the time we’re 50, we’ve lost more than half – this leads to problems with digestion, energy, food intolerance & other health problems. Like it or not, every day, our enzyme levels are dropping. 

We need to supplement the enzymes we’ve lost & get back to eating what we want & feeling good!




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