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Allergy Mix Phoenix 1 fl oz

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Allergy Mix Phoenix provides temporary relief of symptoms due to hay fever; sneezing, watery, itchy or irritated eyes; nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy nose and throat, or sinus pain; or other upper respiratory allergies such as such as mold sensitivities or cold symptoms. Allergy Mix Phoenix is a gentle remedy that works in harmony with one's natural immune system and supports the body's innate healing response with no adverse side effects.

This unique blend of homeopathic ingredients is specifically designed to temporarily relieve local arid Southwest desert region allergy symptoms associated with the area focused around Phoenix, Arizona from Eastern California through New Mexico.

Through the unique and safe process of homeopathy, Allergy Mix Phoenix helps your body build a natural immunity to common allergens.

Proven, tested, and trusted for over 25 years. End the constant misery of allergy symptoms. Stop suffering! Get the fast, effective relief you need!